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The Connectivism

Mind map: Connectivism -> Simemens (BIOGRAPHY, Interview with George Siemens about Connectivism), Siemens Map and Theory (New node, New node), Continual learning based on the student´s necessities. (Communication, Problem solving, Global awareness, Self direction, Critical thinking), Learning theory for a digital age (Connectivism proposes , more effective learning systems, Learning and knowledge rests in diversity of opinions.), Connectivism was introduced in 2005. (cristobal quispe), critics of connectivism, Connectivism Concept (According George Siemens his developer, In learning, Another developer is Stephen Downes), connectivism articles, Connectivism concept (New node), (online courses), New node (Newttp:// node, book sources/9781105778469 node,, 3 theories exceeded (behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism), principles of connectivism , Learning in a complex, Adaptive age, Connectivism is a successor to behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism., conectivism and the informal learning (New node), is the thesis that knowledge is distributed across a network of connection, New node, IMPORTANCE OF CONECTIVISM (New node), Is the integration of principles explored by chaos, network and complexity, and self-organization theories. (SIEMEN´S PRINCIPLES OF CONNECTIVISM), Connectivism is a learning theory advocated by George Siemens and Stephen Downes, among others, which emphasises the importance and role of networks and connections between people (and things?) as preminent (central) to the learning process, Connectivism is a learning theory for the digital age. (New node), connectivism in our brain (connectivism, )


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